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  1. WAHL Bump Prevent Battery Trimmer
  2. WAHL Clipper Oil 4OZ
  3. WAHL Professional Precision Fade Adjustable Clipper Blade
  4. WAHL Professional T-Shaped Trimmer Blade - 2 Hole Blade
  5. WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Gold Foil Replacement Blade for Finale
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  6. WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Cordless Detailer
  7. WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Finale Lithium Ion
  8. WAHL Powerpik 3000 Hair Dryer for Women
  9. WAHL Powerpik 2 Hairdryer
  10. WAHL Power Dry Hairdryer 2000w Black - Tourmaline Grille
  11. WAHL Power Dry Hairdryer 2000w Pink - Tourmaline Grille
  12. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Balding Clipper
  13. WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Rapid Fire Variable Speed Clipper
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  14. WAHL Super Taper Professional Corded Clipper
  15. WAHL Professional Five Star Magic Clip Precision Corded Fade Clipper
  16. WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Detailer High Precision Corded Trimmer
  17. WAHL Professional 5 Star Series T Cut Cordless Trimmer
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  18. WAHL Professional 5 Star Series Hero Corded Trimmer
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  19. WAHL Professional Balding 6x0 Clipper Replacement Blade
  20. WAHL Double Wide Adjustable Trimmer Blade Set 5 Star Detailer
  21. WAHL Clipper Super 2 Hole Taper Blade Set
  22. Wahl Chrome Ionic 2000W Hairdryer
  23. Wahl 2 Hole Taper Blades 1006 400
  24. Wahl Surgical Blade Set 1026 515
  25. Wahl 2 Hole Clipper Blade 2105
  26. Wahl 05545-424 Hygienic Ear Nose & Eyebrow Personal Trimmer
  27. WAHL Afro Mains Electric Straightening Comb ZX698
  28. WAHL Professional Five Star Series Magic Clip Cordless Hair Clipper
  29. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Sterling 2 Cordless Trimmer

29 Items

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WAHL Products UK | Hair Clippers, Super Taper, Detailer, Beard Trimmer

Women and Men’s hygiene has been a subject of debate for decades. Beauty and hygiene products were relentlessly perceived with an apprehensive notion as simple products to maintain hair and skin were considered dubious. However, in recent years, maintaining your hygiene has come to the fore and become a crucial facet of overall health. It goes without saying, hygiene is essential in taking care of your hair. There are myriad hair styling products out there that promise to deliver on all fronts but none come close to what WAHL has to offer. Devised and refined by the finest minds in the world of women and men's health, WAHL has provided an immaculate assortment of hair styling products to ensure optimum care and nourishment for your hair & beard. No matter what hair styling products you are looking for, WAHL have you covered. From hair clippers to enrich your natural hair to polishing your appearance with immaculate beard trimmers, dryers, there is no facet that hasn’t been explored.

Hygiene is crucial to safeguard your well-being and appearance. A disheveled appearance can be debilitating to your physical and mental alongside adversely affecting your professional life! Having an impeccable hygiene routine and products is essential in one’s life is essential.

Comprehensive health and hygiene is what we have tried to ensure and thus, WAHL created these impeccable products for you. Despite the plethora of other hair & beard styling products out there, none can boast our immaculate expertise and experience. Your body is a temple that deserves to be worshipped and thus, our products ranging from hairdryers, hair clippers to hair detailer combos, you have found your complete hub for hygiene!

WAHL have been at the forefront of hygiene since their inception and have established themselves as the leading figures in the industry. WAHL hair clippers, beard trimmers, detailers, and more have set the benchmark for the rest! Originating from the UK, WAHL provides the complete hygiene toolkit to get you started! You have so much to choose from:

- WAHL hair clippers
- WAHL super taper
- WAHL cordless clippers
- WAHL beard trimmer
- WAHL colour pro cordless clipper
- WAHL detailer
- WAHL hair dryers for both women and men

WAHL cordless trimmers, super tapers and the rest are the best in the business when it comes to maintaining ideal hygiene. Harnessed from the best of ideas and ingenuity, these products are in a league of their own when it comes to efficacy and efficiency. And it doesn’t end there! WAHL provides superior versions of their products such as Super Taper corded clippers and Professional 5 Star Series Clippers which leave nothing to be desired and get the job done.

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