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QEI Plus Paris Cream, Oriental Toning Body Milk, Innovative Milk, Lightening Body Lotion, Gold Lightening Serum, Privilege Cream, Soap

Qei Plus Paris has been producing high standard products that have always been developed and prepared with utmost care and love. With our unique QEI+ range of products that are developed using the best and natural ingredients extracted from plant or marine extracts such as carrot, argan, sweet almond, shea butter or caviar, we aim to provide the best skin care treatment to our customers. All the natural ingredients that we have been extracting for years have been the primary source of the best quality products that we serve. All our products thus aim to serve you the best skin ever. With regular use, we guarantee you smooth, soft, hydrated, nourished, and lightened and healthy skin ever. Therefore our wide range of skincare products includes Qei Extreme Gold, Qei Privilege, QEI Extreme Shine, QEI Innovateur, QEI Oriental Argan, and also a range of QEI Baby Products. All the different categories have our skincare products including body lotion, serum, soap, glycerine, cleansing gel, tonic lotion, cream, and body milk.

QEI+ Paris Oriental Toning Body Milk | Innovative Milk

Qei Paris oriental toning body milk is a deep moisturizing and skin repairing body milk that effectively tones your skin and gives it a light and bright shine. It is composed of a cocktail of plant extracts that have lightening properties so that your skin becomes more luminous and unified. It also effectively blurs the imperfections and helps you fight scars and any skin damages and also prevents the appearance of dark spots. lt leaves your skin delicately scented with pure and natural scents. Qei innovative milk is effective body milk to clear and unblemish your skin complexion. It has fabulous and luxurious toning agents that brightens your skin with its unique care. QEI + Paris enhances your beauty by hydrating, unifying, and limiting the dark spots in your skin, and repairing all the imperfections of your skin and by revealing the brightness and beauty of your skin.

QEI+ Paris Lightening Body lotion, Serum, Cream with Carrot Oil, Soap, Glycerin

Qei lightening body lotion is also based on a cocktail of plant extracts with lightening properties that amazingly perfumes your skin. With this effective body lotion, your skin becomes comparatively brighter and unified. Qei lightening serum is a daily skincare therapy to provide you with beautiful skin. This effective and concentrated serum contains the best and highly powerful skin-lightening agents from plant extracts that provide a long lasting and smooth skin tone. Qei cream with carrot oil is specifically created by targeting the face and neck. Its formula aims to decrease the pigmentation marks from your skin. The presence of arbutin and bellis perennis flower extracts it effectively nourishing your skin. Qei lightening cream is also based on a cocktail of plant extracts as all other body lotions. Its texture is made light and easy to apply and is enriched with caviar extract to give you the best skin that is well lightened and brightened. Qei Paris soap is enriched with the extracts of natural ingredients extracted from plants and marine. It gently cleanses and purifies your skin by effectively eliminating the dead cells and regenerating your skin. It brightens up your skin complexion and is suitable for all skin types. Qei lightening glycerin effectively moisturizes your dry and dehydrated skin. It is best recommended to be applied to your dull and dry skin to improve moisturization. It also cleanses your skin and gives you an even-toned skin complexion.

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