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  1. Morgan's Pomade Anti-Ageing After Shave Balm 125ml
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  2. Morgans Pomade Grey Hair Restoring & Darkening Mousse
  3. Morgans Pomade Grey Hair Darkening Cream Tube 150ml | Black
  4. Morgans Pomade Hair Darkening Cream Jar 125ml
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Morgan’s Pomade For Hair Styling | Slick Extra Firm Hold, High Shine, Oil | For Grey Hair Darkening, Classic Pomade

Morgan's pomade is a pomade brand offering amazing and long-lasting styling and hold to your hair. Our pomades are easy to wash and water soluble pomades so you do not have any difficulty using them. We use 100% natural ingredients and fragrances to make our product effective and your hair beautiful.

Morgan’s Pomade Slick Extra Firm Hold | Styling Pomade

Our wide range of Pomade includes Morgan's pomade slick extra firm hold which allows you to get an amazing and slick look with a real long lasting hold and precision. With its water soluble formula it is easy to wash out. With awesome vanilla and honey fragrance, the pomade comes in an original vintage style jar. Morgan's hair high shine and styling pomade aims to achieve a high shine look with a long lasting hold on your hair. It is effectively water soluble and easy to wash out so it doesn't stick to your hair. The pomade comes with our signature fragrance of bergamot, jasmine, sandal, and patchouli that gives an amazing and refreshed feel.

Morgan’s Pomade Oil, Hair Darkening Pomade For Grey Hair

Morgan's hair darkening pomade styles your hair while also effectively darkening it. This is a light formulation of Mousse which is the ideal two-in-one product and enables our customer to maintain healthier and more vital hair as well as allows daily styling. Morgans pomade oil effectively restores and hydrates your dry hair. It also effectively enhances shine and makes your hair more manageable. It contains Argan Oil that provides essential nutrients to your hair. It also has Morgan’s signature fragrance of bergamot, jasmine, sandal, and patchouli which gives you a perfect smell. Morgan pomade for grey hair gradually darkens your grey hair simply over a period of three to four weeks without using any conventional dye or hair color. With the regular use of Morgan’s hair darkening cream, it enables you to achieve a suitable and dark hair color and a darker shade over a short period of time. It can even be maintained by subsequent, and less frequent, applications.

Morgan’s Classic Pomade

Morgan's classic pomade is a light hold pomade. It provides a healthy and medium shine. It is ideal for any natural and slick back hairstyles. It effectively controls normal, thick, curly, and frizzy hair and adequately nourishes your hair. It comes in a jar which is made with 100% Recyclable Glass.

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