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  1. Lemonvate Brightening Body Lotion Vitamin C 500ml
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Lemonvate Cream UK | Brightening Body Lotion, Gel, Complexion Cream, Serum, Soap

Lemonvate is a brand which is popular for its skin lightening products. It uses fresh Lemon extracts as its main ingredient and that's where it has derived its name from. The pH level of Lemon extracts is low which makes it antibacterial. In India, the lemon is widely used in Indian traditional medicines, Siddha Medicine and Ayurveda, and in the form of many household medical tricks.

Lemonvate Brightening Body Lotion | Gel Cream

We have tried our way out with lemon and have brought for our customers' many skin lightening products with pure lemon extracts. Our effective wide range of Lemonvate Products includes Lemonvate brightening body lotion which is an intense body lightening lotion that is formulated with potent Alpha Arbutin Complex, which visibly tones your skin and fades dark spots. It increases skin clarity and brightness. It leaves your skin feeling silky and supple with a bright shine. Lemonvate gel cream is effectively formulated with a light refreshing scent and lemon extracts. It is made to reduce the appearance of dark brown spots, and even your skin tone with a brightening and active, Arbutin Complex. It also helps to prevent premature skin aging and promotes a radiantly youthful complexion.

Lemonvate Medicated Antiseptic Soap, Moisturizing Cream, Serum, Soap

Lemonvate medicated antiseptic soap is a daily antibacterial and antiseptic soap that fights bacteria while also diminishing surface debris, leaving your skin fresh and clean. It effectively nourishes your skin with firming and refreshing anti-oxidant Vitamin C and makes your skin visibly brighter. Lemonvate moisturizing cream is made to provide your skin an effective defense against the environmental irritants with firming and brightening lemon which is rich in Vitamin C. It effectively improves skin’s elasticity and heals and soothes your skin with calming Allantoin, leaving your skin looking much healthier, softer, smoother, and making your skin more radiant with every use. Lemonvate serum is also formulated with lemon extracts in a light creamy texture with firming Vitamin C also including safe and brightening properties of Arbutin Complex. It lightly hydrates your skin as it helps minimize the appearance of dark brown spots. It also promotes a luminous glow resulting in soft, smooth, and even toned and bright skin. Lemonvate soap effectively removes dull and lifeless skin without stripping skin of moisture. It amazingly soothes your skin with anti-irritant, Allantoin. It also softens and moisturizes your skin with the nourishing properties of Vitamin C.

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