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  1. Doctor Clear Lightening Care Facial Cream 130ml

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Doctor Clear UK | Lightening Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Serum

The increased skin opening to contamination, cruel weather, hurtful sunlight causes our skin to become dull, sick, and imperfect. Doctor clear lightening care facial cream can help enhance skin characteristics and highlights in all skin colors. And the best part is it's unisex. This product illuminates your skin by creating a chemical reaction that blocks melanocytes and the skin cells that pigment the skin. Our cream helps eliminate black patches on the skin's surface and makes shine smoother, lighter, and brighter. It also has UV-sunscreens. You’ll easily notice a glow and radiance in your skin.

Doctor Clear Body Lotion | Double Strength Lotion

There are innumerable dry skin solutions that exist, but only a few body lotions are better than the rest. Doctor clear body lotion has the highest hydration levels, doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin, and also the right fragrance will boost your mood, energize you or make you relax. Using Doctor clear double strength lotion, you can overall make the skin smoother and alleviate all rough spots. This ensures that with smooth, hydrated skin, you can always feel and look like you are most confident.

Doctor Clear Face Cream, Lotion

Doctor clear face cream is designed to increase circulation and energize the skin’s appearance. It hydrates and nourishes the skin and protects your skin from harmful UV radiation. For each skin type and every generation, applying face creams is important. They shield the skin from environmental aggression and dehydration and ensure that your skin looks good.

We recommend you to use Doctor clear UK products for better and glowing skin. Doctor clear products are one of the best in markets, especially Doctor clear lotion and Doctor clear cream.

Doctor Clear Lightening Serum

One of the most important products for your skincare is Serum, which has a gel or light lotion consistency. Doctor clear lightening serum boosts your skin’s radiance and also reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. It helps in splitting up the dead skin cells and makes your skin brighter. For better results, use the product at night to optimize productivity, as the skin tests all the restorative activities when you sleep. Doctor clear serum nourishes, protects, and hydrates your skin. As the serum is lighter and easily supplies the skin with active ingredients, it first goes after cleansing the skin.

Achieving clear and healthy skin has never been this easy. Check out our products at Beautify Hair and Cosmetics and enjoy till the stock lasts!

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