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  1. DH7 Paris Ultra Moisturising & Lightening Lotion 500ml Blue

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DH7 Skin Care Products | Soap, Cream, Glycerine, Serum, Lotion

DH7 is a collection of high-quality items for your skin. DH7 skincare products are specially designed to improve the skin tone and it contains a broad range of skincare products such as gel, lotion, serum, milk, and cream.

DH7 Soap

The DH7 soap is infused with the goodness of carrot oil. This oil, coupled with the exfoliating function of the apricot nut kernel, is outstanding for cleaning the skin. It promotes a radiant effect and removes black spots. DH7 cream soap is recommended for everyday use.

DH7 Carrot Lotion, Lightening Cream

DH7 carrot lotion is intended to shield the skin against UV radiation and has good anti-aging capabilities as it is endowed with a rich concentration of essential products. If you're looking for oil to brighten and tone your skin, using DH7 lightening cream on your face will make your skin look fresh, shimmering, and vibrant. The high content of essential oils nourishes the skin cells. It is anti-inflammatory and is also suitable for the treatment or removal of red bumps from your skin.

DH7 products usually contain all-natural beauty ingredients that aid to inhibit melanin development, rendering the skin brighter and smoother. DH7 lightening cream helps reduce freckles, acne, dark spots, irregular skin tones, and stretch marks.

Not just this, DH7 lightening cream is also ideal for all forms of skin, even sensitive skin. It provides the ability to control oily or dry skin, giving the skin sufficient moisture without blocking up the pores.

DH7 Antiseptic Cream Soap

A key ingredient for battling wrinkles and fine lines since it is an effective antioxidant. Together, many beneficial antioxidants of DH7 antiseptic cream soap strengthen the elastic properties and smoothness of the skin. It also reduces the big pores of the skin.

You may also use carrot oil, either as an essential oil or in the form of soap on its own or as a serum. Serums must always be administered before moisturizing, as lighter consistency must always be added first.

DH7 Gold Herbal Serum

DH7 gold herbal serum is a concentration of essential oils that tackles skincare issues, and the components are efficient. Fewer scars, marks, blemishes, and other signs will be present when they begin to lighten with the daily use of serum, especially with the use of plant materials. You will see a decrease in the depth of the enlarged pores, which in turn will give rise to fewer whiteheads and blackheads. There will be less irritation, dryness, and redness with the use of serums, the complexion will appear fresh and dewy.

DH7 Paris is a skincare brand that ensures that your skin remains fresh and happy all the time. So, don’t wait anymore further – shop on our website by availing of all the amazing offers.

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