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  1. Clovate Savon De Beaute Double Nutrition
  2. Clovate Brightening Gel 30 ML
  3. Clovate Brightening Serum For Face & Body 30ml
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  4. Clovate Brightening Cream 50g
  5. Clovate Beauty Soap with Irgasan DP 300 & Vitamin E 80g
  6. Clovate Brightening Body Lotion 500ml

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Clovate Skincare Products UK | Brightening Cream, Gel. Serum, Skin Lightening Body Lotion, Soap

By now you might have been fed up with using those fake skin-care products available in the daily market. Not only these products are made of synthetic chemicals, but these products also affect the skin in various harmful ways. And to tackle such anomalies, we bring you natural skin-care products from clovate skincare uk. Famous for delivering skincare products that are made from 100% natural extracts and rich nutrients.

Clovate Skin Brightening Body Lotion

First of all, we have the clovate skin-brightening body lotion is a light textured body lotion that helps in reducing dark skin discoloration. This lotion works pretty actively in improving skin clarity and brightness with the help of brightening actives like Arbutin Complex and a smooth revitalizing Lactic Acid. This lotion contains rich quantities of olive oil that hydrates the skin and softens its texture. This also prevents dry and flaky skin texture. Application is easy, just apply a thin layer of the lotion over your dark spots or uneven skin tone and keep it overnight. Make sure that your skin is cleansed and dry to have maximum effect.

Clovate Skin Lightening Body Lotion

Following up with the clovate skin lightening body lotion that is enriched with Vitamin E, whose primary application is to hydrate dry and rough skin and restore the soft texture of the skin. The next important ingredient is Vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant. Known for smoothening the skin and protect against environmental pollutants.

Clovate Skin Brightening Serum

Thanks to the innovative formula, the clovate skin brightening serum comes as a very light creamy-textured cream. It contains the brightening properties of the Arbutin Complex that help in the prevention of dark brown spots. Apart from improving the softness, and toning in the skin, this element also ensures a prominent luminous glow to your skin.

Clovate Skin Brightening Cream, Gel

Then we have the clovate skin brightening cream that is made up of non-irritating lactic acids. This acid helps in improving the clarity of your skin while making it glow radiantly. With added ingredients such as Alpha Arbutin and Olive oil, this cream ensures that you get a soft, smooth, and even-toned skin upon regular usage. Apart from this, we also have the clovate skin brightening gel made out of a refreshing and light formula that forms the basis of the gel. Enriched with Clove oil and Alpha Arbutin, this gel helps in restoring the natural brightness and skin-tone.

Clovate Soap

And finally, we have the clovate soap that is made from 100% natural ingredients like Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, and Allantoin. Upon regular usage, two times a day, this soap has the capability of hydrating and soothing your dry and oily skins.

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