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  1. Carotis Skin Brightening Serum 30ml
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Carotis Skincare UK | Lightening Gel, Cream, Body Lotion, Serum, Soap

Almost everyone in this world demands beautiful and glowing skin naturally. However, most skin care products that are available in the market have a high concentration of chemicals that ruins the quality of the skin and inflicts damage after a few years. But there is nothing to worry about, we have found one of the best natural skincare product providers in the market: Carotis. The carotis skin care segment offers a wide variety of skin-care products that are 100% safe and provides desired results naturally without the risk of any skin damage in the long run.

Carotis Soap

The carotis soap is one of the most popular products, especially of its vital ingredients. This soap is enriched with Carrot Oil, Vitamin A, Glycerin, Olive Oil, and Beta Carotene, which brings out smoother, firmer skin. This also improves the texture of your skin, making it softer with regular use. It is easy to use. Gently massage your skin at least twice a day, then rinse and dry properly.

Carotis Cream

Another popular product from Carotis is the carotis cream. This cream is available for both lightening and brightening aspects and the ingredients differ in each. The brightening cream consists of Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, and Carrot Oil. Whereas the lightening one consists of Vitamin A and Hydroquinone. Both of these creams are equally important in moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Thereby bringing the even skin tone that you desire. These creams also help in reducing dark discolored portions on the skin and also improves the skin texture making it soft and smooth.

Carotis Lightening Gel

We have the carotis lightening gel that is enriched with Alpha Arbutin which nourishes and moisturizes your skin to bring out an even skin tone. The gel also improves clarity and the radiance of the skin while making your skin softer and smoother.

Carotis Lightening Body Lotion

The carotis lightening body lotion enriched with Vitamin A and Hydroquinone helps you get clearer, lighter, and brighter skin. This lotion is formulated with pure carrot oil that acts as a smooth anti-oxidant for your skin. Hence restoring the ideal skin tone that you deserve.

Carotis Serum

Next, we have the carotis serum, which is enriched with a variety of ingredients such as, Vitamin A, Hydroquinone, and organic extracts. This serum helps in reducing skin discoloration and promotes active lightening of the skin. This serum also smoothens the skin through the antioxidant properties of Vitamin A. The serum is very easy to apply, just put it on cleansed dry skin and leave it overnight.

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