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  1. Softsheen Carson Care Free Curl Chemical Rearranger Maximum Strength 400 ml
  2. Softsheen Carson Care Free Curl Booster Permanent Wave Lotion 458ml
  3. Care Free Curl Activator 473ml

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Care Free Curl Gold Activator, Perm Kit, Moisturiser, Gold Spray, Curl Booster, Gel

Maintaining the health of your hair is necessary to have that shiny and smooth look. But the rapid rise in presence of pollutants in the environment and unnatural products containing a high percentage of chemical and harsh elements have become increasingly to do so without causing damage to your hair. Care free curl has introduced and offers a wide range of products to let you have your dream hair without causing damage to them.

Care Free Curl Gold Activator, Perm Kit, Gold Spray

Care free curl gold activator works great at detangling your hair without breaking them. It offers moisture without building or residing to facilitate easy combining. Care free curl gold instant activator works perfectly for natural and curly hair. Care free curl perm kit is a great option to get curly or wavy hair and suitable for all hair types. It offers professional and long lasting curls. Care free curl perm kit is easy to use while preventing frizz and dryness. Care free curl gold spray protects your hair from dryness and roughness. It is made with glycerin and protein and keeps your hair curly, giving it a smooth and shiny look.

Care Free Curl Booster, Gel

Care free curl booster is the perfect solution for natural looking styles and waves. It is exclusively formulated for the dry curl style while preventing hair breakage. It also helps to provide moisture control all around the clock without excessive wetness. Care free curl gel is an excellent choice for maintaining body waves and natural styles. It is suitable for all hair types and is exclusively formulated without harsh chemicals that might damage your hair in the long run.

Care Free Curl Moisturiser, Chemical Rearranger

Care free curl moisturizer is formulated with glycerin and protein. It helps to keep your hair curly without making it rough or dry. It also helps to keep your hair moisturized without making it excessively wet. Care free curl booster helps to aid the re-arranger in processing difficult to relax hair. It ensures strong, beautiful, and long-lasting curls. It aids in keeping the hair moist until wrapping is completed. Care free curl booster is an excellent choice for your hair treatment.

Care free curl chemical rearranger is a distinguished cream conditioning the formulation of ammonium thioglycolate which provides rearrangement of the chemical bonds of hair without exercising harmful effect on it. It is easy to apply, rinse and straighten the hair effectively leaving it smooth. It is a brilliant choice to get naturally wavy clothes. Care free curl on natural hair is a silk moisturizer that helps to restore curls, smooth your hair and add shine to it. It leaves your hair looking silkier and livelier.

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