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Body White Paris Products | Lotion, Gel Eclaircissant, Oil, Soap

Getting your body care products is like getting peace. Choosing the right brand and company for yourself is the most essential thing. Body White Paris has brought you amazing body care products that you can trust and use. Body White Paris has products that will not only take care of your body but also will provide you peace of mind. The ultimate solution to provide you a skin that is spots free, moisturized, and perfectly cleaned. Body White Paris is what is highly recommended for you if you love your skin. Some of Body White Paris products that will give you guaranteed whitening results include oils, lotions, soaps, and gels.

Body White Paris Gel

Body White Paris Gel is a combination of three active agents. The gel will lighten and moisturize your skin without leaving any spots. It is a formula enriched with sunscreen protection which will save your skin against dangerous U.V. rays. The smooth and easy gel melts into your skin to give you a pleasant and amazing sensation of freshness and absorbs all perspiration. It provides you a clear and clean skin that breathes vitality and energy.

Body White Paris Oil

Body White Paris Oil is enriched with HP3 actives that lighten your body with its concentrated formula that acts deeply into your skin. It provides UV protection which is assured by the integrated sunscreen and lightens, moisturizes softens, and eliminates any or all dark spots.

Body White Paris Soap

Body White Paris Soap cleanses and purifies your skin of all impurities. Moreover, it also clarifies your complexion by the action of the H.P.3 active ingredients and clears and cleanses your skin. It is important and advisable to use this soap before using any other Body White products.

Body White Paris Lotion

Body White Paris Lotion is a concentrated formula for strong cleaning and whitening treatment. With its acid kojic and three protective agents (Mulberry, Bearberry, lemon extract), this cleaning lotion lightens and moisturizes your skin without leaving any spots. It is a formula enriched with sunscreen protection. To give your skin a clear and clean look and to make your skin breathe vitality and energy, it is recommended to use the lotion daily.

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