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Bio Claire | Skin Lightening Cream, Oil, Serum, Soap, Body Cream

Tired of your darkened and tanned skin… Want something effective to enlighten your skin without harming it. Want your skin to be whitened along with nourishing it and making it healthier. We have a solution for all your wants - Bio Claire.

Bio Claire is a brand working in the field of making your skin whiter and lightened up along with providing it proper nourishment. With its wider range of products in Body Whitening and Skin Lightening creams, lotions, oil, soaps, and serum, Bio Claire has been in this market for years providing its best service to the customers.

Bio Claire Cream, Skin Lightening Cream

Bio Claire Cream or Skin Lightening Cream is available without Hydroquinone. This lightening cream without hydroquinone naturally stimulates the lightening process ensuring the complete elimination of cutaneous defects and making your complexion more clear, and even tone, with no mess and dark spots. It has a Natural Bio-Vegetal activator that makes your skin more bright and healthy than any lightening cream.

Bio Claire Oil

Bio Claire Oil is also without Hydroquinone. With Natural Bio-Vegetal Activator present in the lightening oil, it makes your skin bright and healthy. It is a unisex product, can also be used by adults, and is best for any skin types.

Bio Claire Lightening Soap

Bio Claire Lightening soap is without any hydroquinone thus it provides natural beauty care along with Bio-Vegetal Activator that even nourishes the skin. It gives you shiny and even tone skin and sublimates a perfect complexion and brightness. It provides a clean and clear complexion, even tone, and with no mess.

Bio Claire Serum

Bio Claire Serum is meant to lighten dark spots and pigmentation. It gives your skin an even tone and protects your skin from Suntan. It helps remove Suntan. The serum is formulated to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots mainly. Although, it also helps in resolving existing skin problems such as dullness, patchy skin, and sunburnt skin. The serum effectively works to protect the skin from sun damage and pollution. It also helps in restoring the skin’s natural barrier. However, this natural skin oil can be used both on your face and entire body to repair and protect your skin.

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